Student Protection

​Brisbane Catholic Education schools are committed to being safe and nurturing communities of care where the rights and dignity of all children and young people are upheld and protected.  The Student Protection Policy demonstrates the Brisbane Archdiocese's commitment to the protection of students attending Catholic schools.  

Reporting of Concerns

At St Benedict's College any concerns or reasonable suspicions about a student's wellbeing and safety, or the behaviour of a staff member or volunteer which a student considers to be inappropriate, will be managed in accordance with Brisbane Catholic Education's Student Protection Processes.

Student Protection Contacts at St Benedict's College

We take all complaints seriously and will handle them in accordance with our Student Protection Processes.  Parents and students should talk to one of our Student Protection Contacts (listed below) if there are any concerns about the behaviour of a staff member or volunteer.

Claire McLaren         Principal
Alison Gilbert            Deputy Principal
Tim Campbell           Assistant Principal Administration
Kim Rienecker          Guidance Counsellor

Child Protection and Family Services and Resources

Brisbane Catholic Education's document, Information for Families, contains phone numbers and website information for a range of services that families can access. 

Complaints Procedure

The Complaints Procedure for non-compliance with Brisbane Catholic Education Student Protection Processes provides a complainant with access to an open and responsive complaints handling process and assists with a child centred approach to resolving complaints. The Record of Complaint form contains questions which should be used as a guide to help a complainant determine whether or not their complaint is relevant for Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) to manage under non-compliance with BCE Student Protection Processes procedure. 

All of the forms and documents on this page can be accessed on Brisbane Catholic Education's website.