Policies and Procedures

​​​​​Vision and Mission

St Benedict's College is committed to the holistic education of young people in the Benedictine tradition based on the values of service, hard work, humility, stewardship, balance and community.

We use Christ’s model of inclusivity, perseverance and of nurturing each other’s gifts and talents to underpin all that we do.

Vision and Mission

Learning and Teaching Framework

St Benedict’s College is committed to the holistic education of young people in the Benedictine tradition based on the values of service, hard work, humility,  stewardship, balance and community.

Learning and Teaching Framework

Student Protection

Our school is committed to being a safe and nurturing community of care where the rights and dignity of all students are upheld. 

The Student Protection Contacts at St Benedict's are:

  1. Claire McLaren, Principal
  2. Alison Gilbert, Deputy Principal
  3. Tim Campbell, Assistant Principal Pastoral​
  4. Kim Rienecker, Guidance Counsellor

Student Protection Processes and Guidelines

SBC Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy

​SBC Student Behaviour Support Plan

​Safe and Supportive Environment Policy

Everyone at St Benedict's College has the right to feel safe and supported.  Bullying, harassment and violence of any form will not be tolerated by any members of our community - students, parents or staff.

This policy (below) sets out our approach to help the College and our community address issues of bullying, harassment, and violence to ensure the provision of a safe and supportive learning environment for all. 

Safe and Supportive environment policy

Grievance Procedure for Students and Parents

The resolution of conflict between members of the College is vital to the well-being and success of all within our community.  All procedures should be characterised by Christian values.  The intention of this policy is to describe procedures for the effective and early resolution of disputes. 

SBC Complaints Management - Students and Parents 2021

​​Volunteering at SBC

At times volunteers offer their services for a variety of tasks at the College.  Regular volunteers, other than parents of enrolled students, are required to hold or be eligible for a Blue Card for working with children.  More information about the Blue Card can be located via the following link:


Click below to download a copy of the relevant Blue Card Application form:

Blue Card Application Form

The following PDF documents are relevant for anyone, including parents, wishing to volunteer at St Benedict's College and need to be read, completed and returned to the College office:

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Volunteer Registration Form

Volunteer Student Protection Handbook

​Sun Smart Policy

SBC Sun Smart Policy Statement ​