Curriculum Overview

​​​​​Middle Years (Years​ 7 and 8)

Australian Curriculum, Assessment ​​and Reporting Authority (ACARA) directs that all schools offer:

  • Mandatory Studies (80% of time): English, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Social Science, Arts, Language and Technology.

  • Discretionary Studies (20% of time): which for our students will include Religious Education, Pastoral Care, Camps, Excursions, Sports Carnivals and other co-curricular activities.

Lower Senior Years (​Years 9 and 10)

Australian Curric​​ulum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) directs that all schools offer:

  • Mandatory Studies (50% of time): English and English Extension, Mathematics and Mathematics Extension, Science and Science Extension, Health and Physical Education Core subjects and an application only Athlete Development Excellence Program, History.

  • Discretionary Studies (50% of time): including Religious Education, elective subjects, Pastoral care, Work Experience (Year 10), NAPLAN preparation, Sports Carnivals, Excursions and other co-curricular activities. Students choose from the following electives – Geography, Economics and Business, Civics and Citizenship, Chinese, Performing Arts – eg Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Art, Technology - eg ICT, Graphics and Media, Food, Fibre and Industrial.

Detailed inform​​ation about core courses, elective courses and subject pathways can be found in the Year 9 and 10 Subject Handbook​.

Senior Years (Years​ 11 and 12)

Senior Studies covers both OP eligible ​and Non-OP eligible subjects, and allows for VET options to cater for the wide variety of pathway options such as the world of work, apprenticeships/traineeships, TAFE or University study. We have an extensive selection of OP and Non-OP subjects for students to choose from, covering all learning areas.

Our industry standard Hospitality Caterin​g facility and Graphics and Computer Aided design studio enables much scope in the design technologies areas; as well as newly built and designed Science laboratories where opportunities such as Certificate I in Laboratory Technician courses can be studied. Robotics is a key feature in our Science, Mathematics and Design Technology areas.

Vocational Education and Training courses, as well as School Based Traineeships and Apprenticeships (SAT’s) are offered according to student interests and career aspirations. Our unique individualised programs provide a personal subject and career approac​​h for VET and SAT driven students.

Senior students will also have sp​​ecific tuition in preparing them for the QCS Test and examinations.

The Year 11 and 12 Subject Handbook​ is designed to help students plan their course of study and to allow them to experience different subjects in more depth so they can plan their career pathway effectively.​

Learning Enha​​ncement

Support is given to s​tudents to realise their potential by providing a structured system of assistance to students who require further support to enable them to better access the curriculum, and for those who require extension to their curriculum.

Our weekly Homework Club assists students in managing their time as well as offering them on the spot assistance with any learning queries.