​​​​​The School Locker

All uniform requirements can be purchased locally at The School Locker store, North Lakes.


Address:  Shop 9A, 4-6 Burke Crescent, North Lakes

Phone:     07 3490 1400

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 8.30am-5.00pm
Saturday:  9.00am-3.00pm   ​


Uniform Information

Formal Uniform

The formal uniform for boys and girls is worn daily throughout the year. During Terms 2 and 3, the blazer and tie (for boys) are worn. The changeover to the formal winter uniform usually takes place a few weeks into Term 2, as dictated by the weather at the time. Students and families are given advance notice of this change. Plain black leather lace-up are to be worn to school and are available from the Uniform Shop if required.

Sports Uniform

All students wear the College sports uniform on Wednesdays, which is SECA sport day.

The expectation for all students with regard to sports uniform and PE lessons will remain the same – students change for their practical lessons and change back into their formal uniform at the end of that lesson. Days for sport uniform will be articulated to students according to their timetabled HPE classes and interschool sport days.​


​Grooming Expectations


We take pride in our appearance and will ensure that hair is neat and tidy. Outlandish hair styles or unnatural hair (bleached or dyed) is not part of our College standards. No undercuts allowed. Hair must be one colour. The College Leadership Team have the final say on what is acceptable.

Girls - Hair longer than the collar line is to be tied back with bands and may be covered with ribbons in the College colours (white, navy or maroon). Hair is to be off the face, and not hanging across, or in the eyes.

Boys - Hair is to be short, presentable in a short, back and sides style. The following are not allowed: undercuts, long hair, bushy hair or shaved head (not under a 3 blade). Boys must be clean-shaven, without side-burns. Hair is to be off the face, and not hanging across, or in the eyes.


Girls may wear one pair of small plain, gold or silver, studs or sleepers. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings. No other body piercings are permissible, including facial piercings, helix piercings and clear retainers. Rings and/or necklaces are not to be worn.


No make-up or false nails are to be worn to the College and coloured nail polish is not allowed.

Senior Jersey

This is optional and not part of the required uniform, however students will be allowed to wear the jersey for carnivals, free dress days and at retreat.


Plain black leather lace-ups with a distinct heel are to be worn with the formal uniform. For sport, white joggers, or predominately white joggers, are to be worn. Canvas shoes, skate shoes, high-tops, Mary-Janes or ballet flats are not part of our uniform.