​Book Club 

Students meet to choose book titles they would like to discuss.

Card Club

Students play Uno, Pokémon and other card games.

Chess Club 

This group is very popular and meets each week.  Students have the opportunity to enter into secondary school chess tournaments each term. 

Dungeons & Dragons 

For students who enjoy fantasy tabletop role playing games.

Environment Committee 

Students from all year levels are welcome to join the committee.  We've raised over $3000 and saved 30,000 drink containers from going into landfill since we began the C4C scheme almost 3 years ago. Money raised is spent on providing free fruit for students in the Canteen.  The Committee continues to collect batteries and coffee cups to recycle.​

Homework Club 

This takes place each Thursday after school until 4:30 pm.  Various staff, including one of our School Officers are on hand each week to assist students.​

Lego Club 

This is for students who enjoy building and creating with Lego.

Manga and Anime 

Students help select resources, and sometimes have guest speakers and other experts give presentations.

Thrive for 25 (Meditation Group)

This a relaxing lunchtime activity open to all students.

Readers Club  

This is a club that enters a team into the regional finals of the Readers Cup competition.​


This is a photography club where students learn more about taking quality photos.  Members have opportunities to work taking photos for College events using College cameras.

Students Library Assistants 

This is a group of Library helpers who assist our Teacher Librarian with a variety of tasks in the Resource Centre.​​