College Ethos

​​​​St Benedict's College ethos has as its foundation the Rule of St Benedict.

St Benedict taught moderation in all things; the dignity of work; drawing closer to God through the renewal of the mind; placing a strong emphasis on learning and scholastic disciplines.

The College will exemplify a strong Benedictine charism and will seek to engage with St Benedict’s rules of obedience, humility, and contemplation which provide an invaluable model for anyone desiring to live more simply.

St Benedict's Rule provides guidance and inspiration for anyone seeking peace and fulfilment in their home and work communities and present a contemporary model for living with the issues we face - stewardship, relationships, authority, community, balance, work, simplicity and prayer. Benedictine spirituality offers a way of life and an attitude of mind and heart.

As St Benedict's College develops we will seek ways of providing times and spaces that foster balance of contemplation and work.                                                                                                                    


​"Listen carefully, my child, to my instructions, and attend to them with the ear
of your heart.  This is the advice from one who loves you;
welcome it and faithfully put it into practice."

Rule of St Benedict: Prologue


© Peter Olley, Statue of St Benedict, New Norcia (2019), used with permission ​