Gifted and Talented Programs

​​​​Our Honoratus Gifted and Talented Programs are named after St Honoratus, a Benedictine monk from Italy in the 15th century, who took over the Benedictine monastery in Subiaco, Italy from St Benedict.  St Honoratus was a teacher who used a revolutionary, integrated methodology of teaching that encompassed deep thinking and creativity.  He inspired the monks to go out and teach others these skills, to bring scholarly excellence across the region.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Arts Mathematics (STEEAM) Stream

The invitational Honoratus Entrepreneur Stream guides student inquiry, conversations and critical thinking to produce an idea or prototype that would benefit the common good.  Projects and research focus on combining high quality creative thinking, with ethical and social justice principles.  This program provides a pathway into the entry of quality projects into a variety of local, regional, national and international STEEAM competitions.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Stream

The invitational Honoratus STEM Stream allows students to explore issues of a scientific nature that utilises mathematics and technological reasoning and abstract thought to develop a project and prototype solution to an emerging issue.  This program provides a pathway into the entry of quality projects into a variety of local, regional, national and international STEM competitions.

Creative Writing Stream

The invitational Honoratus Literature Stream is an evidence practice-based program designed to inspire student writers to embrace their creativity and develop their understanding of narrative.  It equips participants with the fundamentals of creative writing, while developing their analytical and grammar skills for use in their wider education.  Students have their work published in an anthology.

Politics, Philosophy and Legal Studies Stream

The invitational Honoratus Philosophy and Legal Stream develops students critical reasoning, ethical, moral and social justice positions and reasoning on a variety of issues of a state, national and international nature.  Students discuss issues that fulfil a common human need, where the core of human dignity is preserved and promoted.  This program provides a pathway into a variety of local, state, national and international excursions and incursions.

Mathematics and Science Blue Ribbon Stream

This invitational Honoratus Blue Ribbon for Year 7-9 Mathematics and Year 7-10 Science students is designed to challenge them to think broadly and creatively to solve problems in a variety of situations.  Students who are achieving highly in Mathematics and Science are faced with a series of extension topics, problems, issues and experiences that will help them develop higher order problem-solving skills.  Students gain access to a variety of gifted competitions, excursions and incursions.

Athlete Stream

This invitational Honoratus Athlete Stream for Year 9 and 10 athletes is designed to advance their athletic ability, physicality and mental regulation when playing their chosen sport.  Students focus on strength training, conditioning, agility, perseverance, grit and nutrition elements to refine and advance their performance.  Students gain access to a variety of tools to use to track and monitor their progress.  Excursions, guest speakers and incursions area feature of this program.

Competitions and Extension Opportunities

  • National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)
  • University of Queensland InspireU STEM Camp
  • Crest CSIRO Science Competition
  • Chess Competitions
  • BHP Big Science Competition
  • Titration Competition
  • Robotics Competitions
  • University visits
  • Industry liaisons
  • Local, Regional, State, National and International opportunities