​​​​​​St Benedict’s College offers a broad range of co-curricular opportunities to engage students.  Whilst participation in these experiences is voluntary, students who join a group are expected to make a commitment to meetings, rehearsals, and to participate fully in the program. There are opportunities for students to enter into competitions, participate in festivals, and enjoy guest speakers and visiting artists. The Co-Curricular Program is always very popular with students who enjoy working with their teachers in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Concert Band  

Students in Concert Band learn a variety of pieces and enjoy playing together to create a unified sound. Students perform for various events at the College to give them experiences with audiences and to showcase their learning.

Instrumental Music 

Private, individual and group lessons are available. Students have opportunities to showcase their learning during school concerts. Students supply their own instrument, however the College hires instruments to students for a fee.


String Ensemble​ 

Students learn a variety of pieces and enjoy playing together to create a unified sound. Students perform for various events at the College, such as Visitors Day.

Benedict’s Voices 

A choral group that lean to sing in harmony together.  The repertoire includes popular music as well as music for College Liturgies and masses.

Bare Feet Drama Group 

Students learn skills of Drama, extending on class work, and having the opportunity to participate in various festivals.  Students in the group are also given opportunities to perform at other College events, where confident reading or drama skills are needed.


Dance Skills Troupe​  

Is for developing and experienced dancers, regardless of age, who challenge themselves to master different steps​ and routines and increase flexibility. Students have opportunities to perform in Eisteddfods and other College events.

Combined Dance Troupe 

Students participate in 'tasters' of multiple dance styles, from hip hop to musical theatre and contemporary dance.


This is a performance choir group which mixes harmonies with basic choreography.  Students learn microphone techniques and have opportunities to perform at events.


Musicals are held bi-annually on the even year. Students do need to audition for a role.


Unplugged is a tech crew club where students set up sound equipment and lighting for College events. Students also work in conjunction with the RE team and organise sound for Mass, assemblies etc.


Is part of the SECA sport program. Students join the team and compete against other colleges during Wednesday sports time.


Meditation Group 

This a more relaxing lunchtime activity open to all students.

Homework Club 

This takes place each Thursday after school until 3:45pm.  Various staff, including one of our School Officers are on hand each week to assist students.

Manga and Anime 

Students help select resources, and sometimes have guest speakers and other experts give presentations.

Card Club

Students play Uno, Pokémon and other card games.

Lego Club 

This is for students who enjoy building and creating with Lego.


This is a photography club where students learn more about taking quality photos.  Members have opportunities to work taking photos for College events using college cameras.

Chess Club 

This group is very popular and meets each week.  Students have the opportunity to enter into secondary school chess tournaments each term. 

Students Library Assistants 

This is a group of Library helpers who assist our Teacher Librarian with a variety of tasks in the Resource Centre.

Book Club 

Students meets to choose book titles they'd like to discuss.

Dungeons & Dragons 

For students who enjoy fantasy tabletop role playing games.

Readers Club​ 

This is a club that enters a team into the regional finals of the Readers Cup competition.


Students have the opportunity to join a​ debating team to compete against other schools around Brisbane.


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