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​​Learning and Teachi​​ng Framework


St Benedict’s College is committed to the holistic education of young people in the Benedictine tradition, based on the values of hard work, humility, stewardship, balance and community.

We use Christ’s model of inc​lu​sivity, perseverance and of nurturing each other’s gifts and talents, to underpin all learning and teaching opportunities.

We respond to the education of young people by interweaving the values of St Benedict’s Rule with ACARA documents, BCE Frameworks for Lear​​ning and Teaching, QSA syllabus documents and national training packages for VET.

We Beli​​eve​  

That the ​Rule of St Benedict is a c​ontemporary expression of the way learning and teaching is formulated reviewed and lived out.

That every student has the God giv​en gifts for success and these flourish in a climate of trust and mutual respect.

That learning for life and fostering a love of learning through an engaging, relevant and meaningful curriculum is inextricably linked with living life ​​to the full.

That learning and tea​​c​​hing is a dynamic, collaborative process where students and teachers aim to realise their potential to become fully human through challenging themselves and each other to seek creativity, innovation, challenge and meaning.

That teaching is a ministry where top quality, collaborative and highly skilled staff of integrity and action lay at the heart of educationa​l success.


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