Religious Life of the College

At St Benedict’s College there are two distinct dimensions to Religious Education; there is the classroom teaching of the learning area, Religion and there is the faith development that is encouraged through the Religious Life of the College. These two dimensions complement each other.

The Religious Life of the College in the Archdiocese of Brisbane is focused on the second dimension of Religious Education, commonly referred to as “teaching people to be religious in a particular way” (Moran, 1991). The Religious Life of the College provides a lens through which a school may audit and further develop its religious life.

While the College acknowledges the Benedictine values of the Charism it has a particular focus on three areas: Service, Balance, Community. The Benedictine mantra Listen with the Ear of the Heart with Service, Balance and Community are part of the College fabric in our emerging contemporary community.

​Structure of​ the Religious Life of the College

The Religious Life of the College comprises four interrelated components: 

​​In the context of St Benedict's College the Religious Life scope and sequence currently looks like this:

Each of these components, while mutually reinforcing, provides a significant focus on a distinctive aspect of the religious life of the College.​

Spirituality ​Program

​"We progress by stopping​"

Meister Eckhart​​

The Spirituality Program offers significant opportunities for students to take a break from the everyday school routine.  It permits staff and students to reflect on parts of their life journey, nurture positive relationships and through prayer and liturgical experiences develop their spirituality.

Year 7 – The Spirit of St Benedict

Being a secondary school student in the spirit of St Benedict.

Year 8 – The Real Gift

This day encourages students to find and share the giftedness and sacredness within themselves, others and the simple things in life.   

Year 9 – Masks

This day is a time to look at positive relationships with God and each other.

Year 10 – Courage to Step Out of the Crowd

This day challenges the students to follow Christ by being counter-cultural.  It looks at identifying 'community' and what gifts the students can bring to this community.

Year 11 – The Passionate Ones

The focus is around principles of good living by putting faith and social justice into action.

​Year 12 – Retreat

Through invitation, students are called to live their life more fully.  Throughout this Retreat they are invited to recall significant people who have formed them to be the people they are now and reflect on the future we hope them to become as they complete Year 12 and move beyond College life.